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Need VIP hospitality services?

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At Crew4Events, we create decorous event experiences for our premium clients, large and small. Our professional staff becomes a part of your in-house activation team, handling every detail so you can focus on the main event. We have handpicked & vetted an exclusive portfolio of reliable, attractive & highly professional manpower dedicated to meet with our client's requirements. Whether you need a wedding hospitality team or manpower for pub activities, our individuals are ready to impress your attendees. Being an event staffing agency in India for the past 15 years, we can assure you best of the finest VIP hospitality staff.

Why do you need a VIP hospitality team?

By hiring our VIP hospitality staff, we ensure you not only the comfort of VIP guests but also our chosen individuals are given the responsibility to escort the guests at the event or to guide them at their seating arrangement or provide them with transportation, if needed.

Our VIP hospitality staff has experience in Destination Weddings, Hotel and Corporate Events, Sports Events and Private Parties. We understand that every client requires different skill set from their staff. Not to worry! With our stack of global database, we commit to find you the most experienced talent to glisten your event.

Top five reasons to hire a VIP hospitality staff:

1. Save time and money

When you use a hospitality staff, you can save both time and money. One of the major issues faced by the hospitality industry, particularly for the events at 5-star hotels is finding elegant and experienced employees. We save you time and money by only considering individuals who have a serious passion for the hospitality industry and have worked with our agency for many luxurious brands.

2. Employees are already trained

The hospitality professionals within Crew4Events have to undergo an extensive application and training process. We only accept the most serious applicants who have an educational background in hotel management and hospitality. We also provide client feedback from previous jobs and references to clients upon request. With Crew4Events, you know you are getting only the most motivated and hardworking experienced employees.

3. Rely on the most trusted staffing agency

Crew4Events is the most trusted staffing agency in New Delhi. We understand that no business is the same. We know the ins and outs of the hospitality industry and can connect you with the best crew for your event. We have been providing hostesses for events in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and many other metropolitan cities from more than a decade.

4. Good Team Players

Besides being a good leader, you always want someone who works well in a team environment as well. If someone only cares about how they look to the boss and don't want to put in the same amount of work as everybody else, they can quickly become a liability. So, we choose the friendliest and the most cooperative individuals to be a part of our crew.

5. Strong Communication Skills

When dealing with customers and other staff, communication skills of course have to be on point. Any prospective hospitality employee should be able to clearly communicate important messages, as well as they should also have a pleasing personality to greet the VIP guests. So, we at Crew4Events, hire our staff with brilliant communication skills.

Crew4Events experience!

We have already told you about our years spent in building the best manpower agency in Delhi, India, but what we haven't told you about - the events. We are very proud to be a part of some of the India's biggest events year after year, including Auto Expo since 2006, IPL Screening Bangalore, HT Leadership Summit, India Today Conclave, Sunburn, World's Biggest Weddings and many more. It's one of the best feelings to see a couple being wedlock, capturing one of the most beautiful moments of their lives and sharing it with us. Whether a couple needs us to manage their destination wedding or it's a corporate activity at a 5-star hotel, we make sure that the event goes fluently and the attendees leave contented. We are recognized as the best hostess providers for pub activities, exhibitions, weddings, conferences, and many other events.

Crew4Events' MANPOWER works at variety of events including:

Whether you're looking for someone who can amuse your guests or present a sophisticated welcome, at Crew4Events, we have the ideal team for you.
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