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The AUTOEXPO is a biennial automotive show held in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh India. It is Asia's largest and the world's second-largest motor show.

Till 2012, the expo was organized at Pragati Maidan, but since 2014 it is organized at India Expo Mart, Greater Noida. It is organized jointly by the Automotive Component Manufacturers Association (ACMA), Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM).

The Auto Expo had its debut showcasing in 1986. It was a window for technology transfers showcasing the Indian Automotive Industry. The 9-day show was marked by then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. Since then, till the 14th Auto Expo 2018, the expo has been remarked as the biggest event of the automotive industry in India, and it has been in limelight because all the leading automobile brands participate in this exhibition and a lot of celebrities also visit the exhibition as they endorse different Automobile Brands.



Exhibitors like Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Eicher Motors, Hero MotoCorp, Honda Cars, Honda Motorcycle and Scooters, Hyundai, Kia Motors, Yamaha, Mahindra and Mahindra, Maruti, Suzuki, Nissan, Piaggio, Renault, Tata Motors, Toyota Kirloskar Motors, TVS, Triumph, Bajaj and many more showcase their new launches, existing products and concept vehicles.


For more than a decade, Crew4Events has been closely associated with the exhibitors participating in the Auto Expo. 8th Auto Expo 2006embarked Crew4Events presence for the first time, since then till 14th Auto expo 2018, Crew4Events has been the dominant Event Staffing/Manpower Supplier at the Auto Expo. We have catered 7 Auto Expo’s till now and are known since the beginning for the finest Event Staffing/Event Manpower Services at AUTO EXPO.




Our Manpower Services for Auto Expo includes Anchors, International Models, Indian Models, International Hostesses, Indian Hostesses, Stand Staff, Host, Hostesses, Product Demonstrators, Reception Staff, VIP Hospitality Staff, Mascots, Butlers, Production Boys, Supervisors, Promoters, Data Entry Operators and Runners. We also back our clients with the support services that revolve around the manpower like their Grooming, Training, Attire designing and production as per the brand requirement, managing the daily upkeep of the attire during Expo days, Make-up, Hair-do, Supervision, Roaster Management, Food, Travel and Accommodation.

As the Event Staffing Experts and with the aim to unburden you of most duties concerning manpower, we also help our Clients in the on-sight management of the team in the best efficient manner. So their timely reporting, attendance, adherence to the uniforms, managing the break roasters is all taken by us.




You can trust us to be your single window for all your manpower related needs at the Auto Expo.

In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different and ahead of others. We strive to render the best talent available by offering our clients with the largest and finest data pool in the city. Our on-board team of 40-50 people, work for months to collate this incredible data base of talent which is showcased to our clients as per their individual requirements. We train the team to deliver the best desired results which leads to meaningful customer experience and happy satisfied clients.Our experience is more than the combined experience of all other staffing companies who are a part of the expo apart from us

We are proud to share that in the past 7 Auto Expos, Crew4Events has serviced the maximum number of brands and provided the brands with the maximum number of crew. 90% of our Auto Expo Clients come back to us, as they entrust us to fulfill their staffing requirements with the best talent every year. More than a decade of experience gives us the confidence to handle any project at any level in terms of the event staffing requirements.

Given an opportunity, we will be happy to serve you with our best talent and add value to your products and services!





Whether you are an Event Agency, Advertising Agency or a Direct Automobile Brand participating in Auto Expo 2020, we at Crew4Events can cater to all your varied needs related to Booth Staff.

Why Crew4Events?

Awarded as India's No.1 Event Staffing Company

Experience of Coordinating at 7 Auto Expos

Expertise in Staffing the most Premium Automobile Brands

Extensive Experience in Event Industry

Cost Efficient Resources

Excellent Quality of Service that you can rely on

Largest Quality Data Pool of Trained Manpower

Hand-picked Database of Freshers

Accountable Team of Supervisors and Stall Managers

Services offered for AUTO EXPO 2020

International Model

International Models

Auto dealers are competing against each other for the same attentionfrom the visitors. Models will attract the attendees to your booth by their beauty and panache. International Models are hired in order to give a global look and feel to your brand for promotional and advertising purpose. We bring you diversified and dynamic models with work visa from more than 20 countries for your booth at the Auto Expo. Whether you want them to stand and pose for media and customers or walk the ramp during the special show at your Booth, they are perfect to catch the eye of the entire media and crowd visiting the booth. International Models add the required glamour and make your Brand stand apart from the rest.

Indian Model

Indian Models

Our Indian Models are recruited from metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, etc. We train them to be more confident so that they can promote and draw attention of the live audience to your Brand at the Expo. Indian Models are trained for both the purposes, to stand and pose or walk the ramp if required. They are also trained to talk about the Brand in the most elegant manner with the Indian and International visitors visiting at the Booth. Experienced car show models are an ideal solution to represent your brand at an auto event. They will attract customers with their professional presence and confident presentation. A great smile and warm hello are sure to stop visitors long enough for the model to engage them in the latest technology or luxurious comfort your auto has to offer.

Host and Hosttess

Hosts and Hostesses

Our hosts and hostesses are bound to impress guests and ensure that they make it an incredible experience for everybody visiting your booth with their knowledge and confidence about your brand. Auto show host and hostesses will study and learn everything you want them to about the make and model of the automobile they are representing. They will be able to appeal to the tech geek when they articulate your latest Bluetooth technology, the gear head with their knowledge of horsepower or the eco-conscience when they discuss the mileage. After hearing about your products and seeing it sparkle under professional lighting, a consumer should be enticed enough to visit a dealer and give it a test drive. Host and Hostesses can help you manage the Reception, Help Desk, Media Desk and Engagement zones in the most efficient manner.

VIP Hospitality

VIP Hospitality

We provide an elite hospitality team for the VIP guests visiting your Booth. Crew4Events’ VIP Hospitality staff is reliable, gorgeous & highly professional who are trained in greeting, engaging and interacting with the attendees in a pleasing manner. We specifically groom them to cater the VIP zone and other hospitality services required of them at your Auto Expo Booth. Our VIP Hospitality team is an extension of your team and is experienced to take good care of your guests. Since its inception, Crew4Events has been trusted by various Automobile Brands for the best VIP Hospitality Services. We ensure your Auto Expo guests, a first-class experience and the finest of staff to entertain them.




Hire promo staff for passing out flyers, collecting customer information, data entry and giving giveaways for your Booth at the Auto Expo. Promo Staff carries out the advertising and marketing duties very nicely and helps to make an event successful. Crew4Events provides best Male and Female promoters who have pleasing personality, good communication skills and who are enthusiastic about promoting your Brand at the Auto Expo.






Keep the show on schedule and the audience engaged by hiring an Anchor for your Booth. We ensure you’ll have as much fun as the attendees have. Depending upon the Brand requirements you can hire a Male Anchor or a Female Anchor or both in some cases, a fresh face or a renowned celebrity artist who have their own fan following. An Anchor ensures that representation of your Brand is done in the most desirable manner and they keep the audiences engaged with their wits and humor.





Managing the crowd at your booth, greeting the guests, taking care of the transportation or managing any other task where you need additional support. Volunteers have many tasks like this which they can handle flawlessly. They are dedicated towards their job role and help you with the various ground level jobs as per your requirement. Volunteers are usually hired much before the Expo and they even work after the Expo is over as they are of great help in assisting the Managers at the Booth.



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We have a team of devoted Supervisors who are passionate about the Event Industry and have experience of handling the Crew at previous Auto Expos. You can vouch on our Supervisors for the timely reporting of the Booth Staff; managing both Indian and International Models; adherence to the uniformity at all times; proper deputation as per the rehearsals; managing break roasters, etc. By hiring Supervisors from Cew4Events, you can be rest assured that the management of Crew and all the hassles related to Crew is their responsibility from starting till end. You can relax and focus on other important elements at the Booth.




A mascot can be a powerful part of your branding and marketing campaign at the Auto Expo. The secret of truly engaging the audience is in the attractive performance, that is not only appropriate for the brand but for the audience as well. We provide you with joyful and friendly mascots who engage with the audience and make your Brand stand apart like none other at the Expo. Be it children or adults, everyone loves to get clicked with the Mascots and our staff ensures that they are camera friendly and playful at all times.



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Runner or Helper is the person who is in charge of any deliveries of goods or information. We hire people who are street smart, and can assist you with appropriate errands and general jobs. You can hire Runners from us and ease out the task which are time taking yet simple in nature like preparing Media kits, timely movement of written material and other freebies from store room to the help desk counters, etc. Runners are hired at all the Booths to help the Managers in getting the ground level jobs done swiftly.



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Cheer Leaders

Cheerleading is an activity wherein the manpower cheers as a form of encouragement. It usually involves chanting slogans and dancing. It can be performed to motivate the crowd, to entertain the audience, or during competition. We provide Indian and International Cheer Leaders for Auto Expo depending upon the requirement for your Booth. Our Cheer Leaders will definitely catch the eye with their dance moves and also getting the crowd engaged in the fun activities conducted at the Booth.



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Support Services– Travel

We are flexible and dynamic in our approach to provide support services that revolve around manpower. Transportation is one of the major challenges as the key to a successful event depends majorly upon timely reporting of the team. We ensure that the team reaches on time at the venue so that the work flows smoothly as planned by the managers. Making the team reach back to where they are staying also plays equal importance, so attendance is taken both times with their time-in and time-out details, depending upon the requirement SUVs, Buses and Travel Supervisors are hired.




Support Services – Make Up & Hair Do

At Crew4Events, we take full ownership of making your Booth stand apart from rest of the brands, in terms of the look of the entire Booth Staff. After the sample attire is made, different hairdo and make up are demonstrated on a Model/Hostess to finalize the final look for the team for expo days. The team is well informed in advance of what needs to be done when and this makes the entire process automated and flawless.




Food and Beverages

Support Services – F&B

Booth Staff are amongst some of the hardest working people at the Expo. Everybody knows that the key to the crew’s heart is through its stomach. It may not seem as important as lighting or performances, but good food at the right time can truly affect the quality of overall performance of the team. When your team is happy, they will work harder resulting in an energetic work force and better outcome. When they’re not getting the basic amenities, everything suffers. At Crew4Events we ensure that we take care of our team and their Food and Beverage related requirements. By doing so we also take away the additional burden from our client’s shoulders.


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Support Services – Accommodation

The Venue of Auto Expo changed from Pragati Maidan, New Delhi to Greater Noida, Expo Mart in the year 2014. It has been important for all the Brands to provide safe and nearby accommodation to the Crew working with them as every day travel is next to impossible with the early reporting schedules. We at Crew4Events understand the importance of a single window operation, and help our clients find different accommodation options at the best negotiated price. Our accommodation options are well equipped with the space for everyday makeup and hairdo, so that the team can arrive at the Booth dressed up.


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Support Services – Costume Designing and Production

We are proud of our expert team of designers who have created designs for some very prominent Two Wheeler and Four Wheeler Brands at the Auto Expo. The Costumes made for these Brands were used by them globally at various other Auto Expos. At Crew4Events we are always eager to create something new and unique as per the brand identity, keeping in mind the demographics and functionality of the outfits. We help in creating the designs after thorough understanding of the brief. After the design is shortlisted, we make the sample attire which once approved goes for production. While designing costumes, we pay special focus on accessories and footwear as they play an important role in overall look of the models and the brand.

Design and Decor wedding

Support Services – Costume Upkeep

We also help our Clients with the daily upkeep of the Costumes which includes dry-cleaning and correcting wear and tear if any. This might not seem like a task but when a team of fifty Models hand over their outfit after a tiring day and a clean set needs to be provided to them every morning, this becomes a very crucial job. Our Supervisors help is proper management of the costumes and ensure there is no loss or damage made to the costumes.





Support Services – Training

We are familiar with the expectations of our auto industry clients and we provide experienced trainers to deliver your message to the staff representing your Brand. The crew will be well-trained and prepared with knowledge of your products as well as your competitors. They study reviews and research automotive technology. At the end of training, your staff is able to handle the toughest questions from auto enthusiasts. Event attendees will be wowed by the knowledge and professionalism that our auto show models convey, in both their presentation and interactions.

Expertise that makes a difference!

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