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Our Event Support team will help you to outfit your event!

Crew4Events' years of experience in event industry will help make your event a success. We provide manpower and support service like food and beverage, employee training, make-up and hairdo, accommodation, transport, data entry operators and attire management for events. Our in-depth knowledge of logistics, operations and staffing enables our clients to focus on delivering a great event.

Why waste time looking for event services for each task when you can let Crew4Events take care of every staffing needs for your event.

Why do you need support services?

A service required for the successful execution of an event is known as support service. Our services are managed by separate departments. We deliver top-notch support services for events like Exhibitions, Corporate Activities, Photo Shoots, Fashion Shows, Media Events, Weddings, Brand Promotions, Road Shows, etc. We believe in delivering high-quality service to our clients as well as to our manpower. We have managed our staff's accommodation for events like Auto Expo, destination wedding, and also made sure that they are provided with quality food and beverage, attire, make-up and hairdo, and more.

When it comes to hiring, managing, and grooming manpower, you do not have to stress for a single minute. We will do it all for you!

Support Services provided:

1. Attire Management

Dressing for events should be in a manner appropriate to the job profile and brand, to make a positive impression on the people with whom the manpower interacts. We have stylists, designers, and vendors who have made attires for models, promoters, anchors, hosts and hostesses, VIP hospitality staff and more, according to the client's requirements.

We believe our staff's dress, overall appearance and attitude will be the factors on which people base their first impression of your brand. So, we make sure our manpower is perfect for representing your brand.

2. Employee Training

Training of employees takes place after orientation. We train our manpower to enhance their skills, capabilities and knowledge about the job profiles and event industry. Our training process molds the thinking of employees and leads to quality manpower performance.

Early training is beneficial for clients as it improves morale of employees; our manpower will need less of supervision; fewer accidents; proficient management; and increased productivity. Training is a continuous process at Crew4Events.

3. Make-up and Hairdo

Our make-up and hairdo artists are certified artists who use mediums applied to the skin to transform or enhance the appearance of a person. They are experienced in skillfully transforming the human canvas into the desired appearance within an allotted timeframe. They often work with our manpower to enhance their physical features and create a flawless appearance.They are so professional to deal with, nothing is too much trouble for them and the whole process from organizing the logistics to delivery on the event day is completely stress free and so smooth. Our team is super friendly, and such a pleasure to work with, as well as being creative and talented!

4. Accommodation Management

As we have handled several events nationally, we have successfully managed accommodation for manpower groups of 40 to 400. Our manpower has never been disappointed with out of town experiences. We have managed staff stays for events like Destination Weddings, Auto Expo, Corporate Activities, Trade Fairs, etc., in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Jaipur, Udaipur, Chandigarh and many more.

5. F&B Management

We have a team of trained individuals who have experience in managing F&B operations and delivering an excellent experience. They know how to forecast, plan and manage all the F&B requirements, staff and finances. Our goal is employee satisfaction and smooth running of your event.

6. Data Entry Operator

Each and every event runs on data; the bigger the event, the more information is added to its database. With heaps of information, it becomes necessary for a client to systematically arrange and store the invaluable data in proper order, so that the timely retrieval and analysis of the same is executable in the future. A data entry operator is the one who helps the client to do so. Crew4Events provide professional data entry operators with technical and non-technical skills for events, nationally. If you have non-core operations at your event, we are ready to lessen your burden by supplying you with the best individuals to complete your non-core tasks with high accuracy and deliver you superior quality results within stipulated time frames. Our company offers a wide range of outsourcing services to national clients from various cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Jaipur, Hyderabad, and more.

Crew4Events experience!

We have been awarded with the title of best manpower coordinator agency in Delhi, India. We provide staff & support services all over the nation with over a decade of experience. We have the best and brightest staff working for some of the world's biggest brands. From projects as large as the Common Wealth Games, to the smallest retail launches. Our support services will help you in not stressing about Attire management, Accommodation, Employee training, Transport, Grooming and F&B management. We regularly fulfill staffing and support services' requirements across all major cities in India including various sectors like Automobiles, Aviation, Banking, Consumer Durables, Education and Training, FMCG, Gems and Jewelry, Healthcare, Media and Entertainment, Retail, Telecommunication, Tourism and Hospitality with almost all major brands for their BTL activations.

Let's complete your event with our support!

Let us be your crew and have a stress-free event!
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