Liquor/Cigarette Promotion
liquor cigarette promotion

Liquor/Cigarette Promotion

Are you a beer or cigarette distributor looking to promote your brand in a new, fun and entertaining way? Do you have a new product being launched and need help promoting it into local bars and restaurants?

A liquor/cigarette promotion campaign can help you reach your target audience. These liquor/cigarette promotional events will help you add a little spice to the bar or restaurant while attracting more customers and bigger profits for your brand. For example, competitions, games, dares or challenges can create incentives for patrons to drink more.





Crew4Events Experience!

Our outgoing brand ambassadors can enhance the energy of your promotional or adult beverage event. Our promotional event staffing talent is ready to support your brand objectives of increasing awareness and product trials and sales - whether in-store or wherever customers are ready to buy. We have worked for top brands including Kingfisher, Bacardi, ITC, Marlboro, Glenlivet, Jack Daniel's and Jim Beam.





Crew4Events, Best Hostesses and Models for Events in India

Hire our crew for your next Promotion!

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