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At Crew4Events, we help part time job seekers to get temporary events and great salaries. You can work in short term projects like an exhibition, seminar, conference, live concert, fashion show, road show, reality tv audition, weddings, etc.

We have various job profiles to suit your skills and comfortability. You can work with us as:

International Models

Our international models are hired to give a global look of your brand for the purpose of promotional and advertising activities. We bring you diversified and dynamic models from more than 20 countries for your event.

Indian Models

Our Indian models are recruited from metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, etc. We train you to promote and draw attention of the live audience at the marketing event. Panache and a great personality is the key to become a successful model in event industry.

VIP Hospitality

We provide an elite hospitality team for VIP guest events. We want our manpower to be reliable, gorgeous & highly professional that can greet, engage and interact with the attendees in a pleasing manner. We will groom you for events like weddings, award shows, red carpet events, and more.

Hosts and Hostesses

Our hosts and hostesses are bound to impress guests and ensure that they make it an incredible experience for everybody at the event. If you think you hold the skills and elegance to host events like corporate functions, gala dinners, parties, ceremonies, product launches and more, then register to work in over-the-top events.


Do you think you can turn a conference party into a fun event? Or you can manage to bring a large wedding crowd to the dancing floor? Then work with us as an anchor for our next big event. Keep the show on schedule and the audience engaged, and we ensure you’ll have as much fun as the attendees have.


Volunteers have many tasks at hand like managing the crowd at events, greeting the guests, taking care of transportation, etc. The work of volunteers depends upon the requirements of the event. If you think you want to experience some of the biggest events in India, and want to travel with us, you should volunteer at our next event.


We have a team of devoted supervisors who are passionate about event industry. If you want to join the super-team, we will train you in time and crew management; crisis management; and working with groups of 50 to 500. Be a part of events like AutoExpo, IPL, Marketing activities, etc. and experience best of the best.


A mascot can be a powerful part of a marketing campaign as the secret of truly engaging the audience is in performing in a way that is not only appropriate for the brand but for the audience as well. If you think you have a joyful and friendly personality, you should be our mascot for the next event.

Support Services

We are flexible and dynamic in our approach to provide support services like F&B, Transportation, Attire and Make-up, specific artists and entertainers, or any other aid our client needs. So, if you have the skills and talent to be our crew for the next eventthen register with us to work together.


Runner is the person who is in charge of any deliveries of goods or information. We hire people who are street smart, and can assist our clients with appropriate errands and general jobs. Being a runner at our events will give a positive look to your resume as the job teaches you management at an early stage.


Cheerleading is an activity wherein our manpower cheer as a form of encouragement. It can range from chanting slogans to dancing. It can be performed to motivate sports teams, to entertain the audience, or for competition. If you want to perform in the largest national and international events, you should join our crew. We welcome cheerleaders from many cities of India and international countries.


Event promoters carry out the advertising and marketing duties needed to make an event successful. A promoter is also responsible for passing out flyers, collecting customer information, and giving product information.

Crew4Events invites you to join the Vibrant Squad and experience the excitement of working in Asia’s top Events, Exhibitions, Awards Shows, Wedding and more.
These activities are suitable for students & temporary job seekers and always prove to be great learning opportunities.


Benefits of Crew4Events’ Part Time Jobs:

  • Fund your college life working with us – Part time jobs are undoubtedly simple and effective way to help fund some of your educational expenses, along with an active social life.
  • Stand out from the crowd – After graduation, jobs are full of competition and demand some work experience. This is where Crew4Events can help you stand out. Balancing a degree and part time jobs experience looks great on your CV.
  • Building practical skills – Our part time event jobs will go parallel to your degree. Either complimenting or broadening your practical work experiences, our event jobs will always develop your skills.
  • Meet people from throughout the world – Working with us will provide you with opportunities of meeting and working with people coming from throughout the world. These experiences will always bring opportunities to learn something new.
  • Depends on your availability - You can work when you are free, may it be evenings, weekends or vacation days. Crew4Events have an opportunity every day. Work weekly, monthly, or less – YOU CHOOSE.


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