Don't just promote! Build a relationship.

Crew4Events is one of the best promotional staffing agencies in New Delhi, India. Through the Event promoter jobs that are provided by us, we make a team of proficient and enthusiastic young professionals to become the face and voice of your brand. A promotional activity would not be resourceful without the use of a promoter. And it is not about an activity only to aim at increasing retail sales, but of a real campaign to build quality relationship between customers and your brand. We have been providing male and female promoters for live concerts, sports events, Sampling Activities, corporate activities, mall activities,road shows etc. in Delhi as well as other cities and they are well experienced to excite your target audience and ensure that your brand is worth remembering for them.

Why do you need promoters?

We have been in the event industry for more than 15 years, and as a company, we have learnt that it is important to make meaningful connections with your target group. We have clients who do regular promotional activities at their brand's sales outlet, in their shop or a mall; wherever the prospects are basically.

So, are you planning a demonstration at the mall during summer holidays? Or, is your brand a part of the biggest automobile event in Delhi, NCR?

Don't worry! Our Male and Female Promoters have the right commercial attitude and the necessary experience in description, exposure and sales or services of your products. Also, to help you with connecting to your audience from various regions of the World, we have a database of promoters from all over the globe with dialects like English, Hindi, and any specific foreign or Indian regional language. We provide promoters for corporate activities, mall activations, road shows, live concerts, sports events, music concerts, sampling activities, in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata and more. A quick chat and a conversation sometimes become an add on to connect with your target group, and we at Crew4Events help our clients in creating such meaningful impressions.

Why hire promotional staff?

1. Bring traffic to your booth

Promoters who have a uniform and branded look can be very eye-catching and bring additional traffic. We will provide you with attractive, cheerful, outgoing and well-spoken individuals to bring more attention to your booth and therefore more visitors (the more the merrier). Our male and female promoters for events in Delhi, and other metropolitan cities are well experienced in communication and interaction.

2. They won't let a lead get away!

A promoter is likely to be the first person to interact with an attendee. Based on their knowledge of your brand and specific criteria you have developed regarding leads, they can easily determine what type of client or company representative you consider a "hot lead."

We have experienced promoters for you who can turn over the leads to your sales staff, also politely converse and collect visitor's information. This is a valuable function that promoters provide to save your sales person's time and energy throughout a long event.

3. Presentation and Demonstration

If you have a presentation or interactive product demonstration as a part of your event, our promoters can handle it perfectly. They are trained narrators who can act as crowd gatherers and walk out to invite attendees to the next presentation. This will bring a larger audience to the booth, meaning traffic!

4. Entertain casual visitors

Often, we come across event attendees that just go around booth to booth to pick up merchandise. Let skilled promo girls and boys greet and mingle with those attendees while your sales team focuses on legitimate leads for your product or service. With just a little extra attention that a promoter can provide, not only the visitors will feel welcomed but also will leave with a positive brand image.

5. Let's save your money!

Why pay for airfare, accommodation, food and salary for a member of your team to the show just because you could use an extra "pair of hands" on site? If you need assistance with promotion and greeting attendees, scanning badges, and filling brochure bins, it may be more economical to hire an experienced staff to fulfil those duties. Locally-based talent can provide those services plus so much more within your budget. We are known as to be one of the best promoter services providers Pan India. We have promoters in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Goa, Jaipur, and many more cities in India.

Crew4Events experience!

Your company's image is reflected in your promotional event staffing. That's why we have built our company on the vision to deliver exceptional service. We have been awarded with the title of best manpower suppliers/coordinator agency in Delhi, India. We are one of the top promoter providers with over a decade of experience; we have the best and brightest promotional staff working for some of the world's biggest brands. We cover all types of promotional campaigns and have experience in a huge variety of activations. From projects as large as the Common Wealth Games, to the smallest retail launches.

We regularly fulfill promotional staffing projects across all major cities in India including various sectors like Automobiles, Aviation, Banking, Consumer Durables, Education and Training, FMCG, Gems and Jewelry, Healthcare, Media and Entertainment, Retail, Telecommunication, Tourism and Hospitality with almost all major brands for their BTL activations.

The aim of promoting is to reduce the need for selling!

Contact us if you are looking for passionate and energetic individuals to showcase your brand's products to the customers through meaningful and engaging interactions. We are the best promotional staffing agency for your you.

Crew4Events' MANPOWER works at variety of events including:

Each project we work on has a unique set of goals and requirements. However, we all have one goal for all our events - to accomplish the purpose, Client's satisfaction.
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