An audition is a sample performance by an actor, singer, musician, dancer or other performer. It typically involves the performer displaying their talent through a previously memorized and rehearsed solo piece or by performing a work or piece given to the performer at the audition or shortly before.

Auditions are required for many reasons in the performing arts world. Often, employing companies or groups use auditions to select performers for upcoming shows or productions. An audition for a performing opportunity, may be for a single performance, for a series or season of performances, or for permanent employment.



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An event such as an audition requires a huge management team of trained staff. We have been providing crew for auditions for more than 15 years in the event industry. Our manpower is experienced in managing different types of auditions, big or small, such as Video Auditions, Talent Auditions, Teen Auditions, Television Auditions, Singing Auditions, Reality TV auditions, Modeling Auditions, Film Auditions, Fashion Modeling Auditions, Game Show Auditions, Commercial Auditions, Cooking Show Auditions, Dance Auditions, Dating Show Auditions and Acting Auditions. We have worked with several brands/companies for their productions, including Indian Idol.





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