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Event Manpower Specialists

We believe in the power of people to create meaningful experiences –Brand Ambassadors with the right qualifications to represent your event or activation with excellence. Our 15 years of service is anchored around a structured, consistent, results-driven process, managed by experienced Account Managers.
We personally oversee staff interviews, training & reporting, completed with accurate and timely invoicing.

As we are the best event manpower provider in Delhi, from more than 15 years in the event industry, we possess an unrivalled depth of experience in our field. We invest heavily in the recruitment, training and ongoing development of our staff. Better mentoring means better quality!

This is our bread and butter. Pretty much everything we do comes down to us providing the right people to represent your brand, whatever the venue is, Crew4Events can help you with your Event Staffing needs. Our Crew do not just stand there besides your product smiling to any person who walks by; rather our intelligent, professional brand ambassadors undergo extensive training to effectively communicate with your ideal consumer. We have been recognized as the best modelling agency in Delhi for Auto Expo, and you can rely on us for the best per day manpower, international and national. Let us join you at your next event to help "you" make it count.

International Models

International models are hired to give a global look of your brand for the purpose of promotional and advertising activities. We bring you diversified and dynamic models from more than 20 countries for your event. Our models in Auto Expo have been an influencing part of the event industry since 2006.

VIP Hospitality

We provide you with an elite hospitality team for your VIP guest events. We have reliable, gorgeous & highly professional manpower that can greet, engage and interact with the attendees in a pleasing manner. You can rely on us to find you the most suitable individuals as we are known to be the best manpower agency in Delhi, India.

Indian Models

Our Indian models are recruited from metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, etc. They are well experienced in brand promotion and will draw attention to your live marketing event and help elevate your brand presence no matter where you are activating. We are one of the most efficient manpower coordinators in India and the best for Auto Expo.


Event promoters carry out the advertising and marketing duties needed to make an event successful. A promoter is also responsible for passing out flyers, collecting customer information, and giving product information. We provide the ideal per day manpower for promotional activities.

Hosts and Hostesses

Our hosts and hostesses are bound to impress guests and ensure that they make it an incredible experience at your special occasion. Our hosts and hostesses are ideal for corporate functions, gala dinners, parties, ceremonies, product launches and more. We are known to be the best manpower suppliers for Auto Expo because of our enduring individuals.


Anchor is the master of ceremonies who acts as the host at an event. They help to represent the conference or event as a whole, while setting a fun and upbeat tone. Their responsibility is to keep the show on schedule and keeping the audience engaged. We have been recognized as the best manpower vendors for Auto Expo in Delhi, India, because of our brilliant anchors.


Volunteers have many tasks at hand like managing the crowd at events, greeting the guests, taking care of transportation, etc. The work of volunteers depends upon the requirements of the event. For example, being one of the manpower coordinators for Auto Expo, our volunteers had a lot of responsibilities to take care of.


We have a team of devoted supervisors who are passionate about event industry. They are well trained in time and crew management; experienced in working for long odd hours; and smoothly dealing with crisis management. We are one of the India’s top manpower agencies with largest database of individuals with skills and experience to manage everything at your event.


A mascot can be a powerful part of your marketing campaign as the secret of truly engaging your audience is in performing in a way that is not only appropriate for the brand but for your audience as well. Crew4Events is the premiere manpower suppliers in Delhi, and we have provided mascots for some of Asia’s biggest events.

Support Services

We are flexible and dynamic in our approach to provide support services like Data Entry Operators, F&B, Transportation, Attire and Make-up, Insurance, or any other aid our crew needs while working at your event to make it as hassle free as possible. And this attitude has made us established as the top event manpower services provider for Auto Expo in Delhi, India.


Runner is the person who is in charge of any deliveries of goods or information. We provide you with street smart crew who will ease your work and assist you with appropriate errands and general jobs. We are the most reliable manpower suppliers for Auto Expo because of our excellent services.


Our cheerleaders bring a wave of energy in the crowd by performing power packed dance routines choreographed and designed especially to cater for any occasion, function or sport event and make the atmosphere vibrant. We are connected to the best modeling agencies in Delhi and other metropolitan cities to recruit top of the line cheerleaders for events.
Events can be hard work. Finding the right event professional shouldn’t be. Hire the best manpower vendors in Delhi, India

With a full range of Event Planning Services, our Clients have Successful & Prosperous Events!

We make your events smart & impactful by personalized event management services.

Featured Services

Over 15 years of experience creating events that connects emotionally and flows seamlessly.

Crew4Events' in house team delve into every aspect of your brand, your message, your event goal, and the audience you want to engage with; to bring you with ideal individuals for your event. Our experienced, highly trained manpower have worked at thousands of events for groups of 40 to over 400 members.


Promoters for Exhibitions

We've provided top-notch, high-quality talent to act as promotional specialists, brand ambassadors, and knowledgeable product specialists for a wide range of clients for Autoexpo, Trade Fairs,..

Manpower for Corporate Events

We have experienced hosts and hostesses, VIP hospitality staff, Models, who have worked for several corporate activities. From seminars to private parties, we have provided our clients with the best possible crew.

Hospitality Crew for Weddings

One of our favorite events are destination weddings, and we have successfully provided our VIP hospitality staff, security team, supervisors, planners, entertainment and more, to make the couple's day stress free.

Event staff for Activations

Bringing a new product to market, or increasing existing sales of an under-performing line has always been a specialty of Promotional brand Ambassadors. And our anchors, promoters,___ are experienced to make your brand reach the target audience.

College Permissions

Advertising in colleges can help you reach maximum potential customers. We have 15 years of experience in working at college activations and we can help you with the special permissions you need for your next college event.

Models for Ecommerce shoots

We help you find the perfect match to model for your products. We have International Models from Brazil, Canada, Hungary, etc. and Indian Models from Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, etc. to meet with your brand requirements.

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