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Crew4Events provides you with a secure avenue to discover your talents. We offer you a wide array of opportunities to flaunt your skills and meet new people in the process. We strive to assist you in your journey to build your self-esteem with each level of exposure you come across. Whether you aspire to be a manager teacher, trainer, or specialize in any other field, events provide you with ample scope to develop your personality and also enhance your communications skills. Moreover, if you find your calling in the world of events, trust us to guide you to the best possible arena to kick start your career!
So if you enjoy meeting new people and love to flaunt your talents, then join our team, work when you wish to and find out why working with us is so much fun!


We value the bond we share with our extended family whether they are corporate identities or young minds looking for an avenue of independence and strive in contributing to the success and achievements of both. Our goal is not only to win the trust of our friends in the industry but also to nurture it into a long term relationship with mutual cooperation and support. We attempt to recognize the hidden potentials of many eager young minds who wish to make their mark in the world of events. We are constantly on the lookout for individuals who possess a flair for panache and style, the right attitude and the confidence to influence audiences. Have a read at our selection process to get started.

Selection Process

Crew4Events selection process is a rigorous 9 Step process, as follows:


Step 1
We RECORD Your application is recorded in the database and listed for acute scanning.


Step 2
We FILTER the details of the application as segregated in terms of qualification, experience, and most importantly your area of interest.


Step 3
As soon as your application is thoroughly checked one of our managers will get in touch with you and provide you with a date and time for your personal INTERVIEW.


Step 4
Once our team is satisfied meeting you, we carefully conduct REFERENCE CHECKS on the details provided by you in your application and during your interaction with us.


Step 5
Completion of the interviews and background checks decides the transition of your application to the next level. Once approved, the applicant is given a GRADE on the basis of his/her communication skills, personality and interpersonal abilities.


Step 6
The applicant is finally INDUCTED as a member of Crew4Events and his/her profile is added to the database and made available to potential clients.


Once you are inducted you are then invited for a special training session on Events & Activations by our expert trainers. Soon after you clear training, you are given a certification, and you are ready to serve as privileged team member of Crew4Events team. Your final ranking in our database of thousands of crew members is directly proportional to your score of our certification exam. The better score you achieve, the more jobs offers you are entitled to receive.


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Job Lingo

CREW refers to a person or group of people working towards a common goal for a predefined purpose. Function of crew members involves operating a certain common or predefined task dependent on the nature of the task assigned to them as a team. They are trained with full knowledge of their roles and also made well verse to the levels of responsibilities and communication protocols. Crew members may be classified in three categories: skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled. Skilled crew are trained personnel who undergo a certain form of training to fulfill their work role, whereas, unskilled crew are employed on the basis of their communication skills, personality and interpersonal abilities.


EVENTS are set of planned and organized proceedings that are in business interest of the organizer and often communicate the organisers’ business goals to its target audience. Events are organized for propagating brand’s attributes to its prospective customers in anticipation of achieving better response, sales, and/or word of mouth.


CREW4EVENTS is a temporary manpower agency which helps the EVENT organisers resource their CREW requirements for their events and facilitate smooth functioning of thereof.

Crew FAQs (Frequent Asked Questions)

Q: What is Crew4Events all about?
A: Crew4Events is a web based portal made ideally to suit your interests in the world of events. We understand and value your talent and zest to be a part of this industry and hence wish to provide you with unique opportunities to develop your skills and help you make the most of your talents. At Crew4Events, you are free to decide your own hours of work, and also ensure a steady source of income through our temporary job offers.


Q: I have never worked in events before. Am I eligible to be a part of Crew4Events?
A: We, at Crew4Events are in search of talented freshers who wish to make a foray into the world of events. Hence, you need not hesitate in case you have no experience. Once you register with us, it is our duty to guide and train you to unleash your talents where they can be recognized most. All those above the age of 16 years are welcome to join us in our pursuit to explore the world of events and make each of them a memorably grand success.


Q: Are there any registration charges for being a part of the Crew4Events team?
A: No. Registrations with Crew4Events are absolutely free. It’s the perfect opportunity for school and college students to earn while they learn. While we provide you with a source of personal income, the only fee payable to us is a default commission on your services rendered, when you have got a job.


Q: What should I do after registering?
A: Once you have registered with us, we will provide you with an ID and Password. On completing your registration you will be called for a personal interview so we can get to know you better and after recording and verifying the details provided, we grade your skills and incorporate your application in our roster as a part of Crew4Events. Thereafter, we will send you regular updates about upcoming events suitable for you and as per your preferences. Therefore, kindly keep a regular check on your account and email for the same.


Q: Can I be chosen for jobs across the country or in distant locations?
A: We at Crew4Events aim to appoint you for the events being held at close proximity to you in order to reduce your level of inconvenience. This is also done to ensure your safety during the course of the events. Opportunities arising in other parts of the country however, will also be communicated to you in case you have opted for a ‘away job’ and may be interested for the same.


Q: Can I choose more than one talent field for registration?
A: At Crew4Events, we completely value your multiple talents and would like to encourage you further them as and when possible. Therefore, you are free to choose as many talent fields that you feel you are eligible for.


Q: Will I be provided with any reimbursement for expenses while working at the event?
A: Crew4Events works to ensure that each crew member is given the due payment for their efforts. Pay details are discussed with the crew before they are booked for the specified event. Travelling expenses are usually incorporated within the per day payment ensured to each crew member.


Q: Why am I not receiving job alerts?
A: Email Providers tend to modify their mail filtering process regularly in order to avoid unwanted emails. Consequently our mails tend to be blocked by these filters. In order to avoid this, kindly ensure that you add www.Crew4Events.com in your mailing list through which our alerts can directly reach your inbox. If you are still not receiving mails, the only possible reason is that our jobs and your profile are not matching for that period of time.


Q: Should I be in constant contact with Crew4Events to ensure I am selected for jobs?
A: To keep a check on job alerts, after registering with us, check on your email address for regular alerts. In case you change your email address or create a back-up email address, kindly update the new information on your profile. In case you seem eligible for a client's requirement, you will receive an email and SMS to alert you about the upcoming offer. Your quick response to our mail and SMS will ensure your chances of being a part of the event or offer.


Q: Whom do I contact for updates or queries or problems on events in case I'm selected?
A: In case you have any queries regarding your event or assigned duty, feel free to contact the Supervisor or Account Coordinator who contacted you for the same. Kindly follow the chain of communication and do not contact any other resource person such as another Manager from Crew4Events or another resource person from the client present at the location at the time of the event in order to obtain a prompt response.


Q: When do I receive a briefing for my duty at the activation?
A: Briefing for the event or activation takes place much in advance of the actual date of activation and we ensure that you are well versed about your role and duties regarding the product. Potential Crew will be called for interviews only if necessary and if a meeting with the client concerned requests for the same. However, every Crew member selected for an event or activation must compulsorily attend the briefing sessions of the same in order to be well versed with the product and brand involved.


Q: Will the dress code involved be informed to me in advance and will I have to arrange for the uniforms myself?
A: The dress code involved will be informed to each Crew during briefing sessions itself in order to avoid any confusion or discomfit during time of activation. Also, you will be notified much in advance in case you are required to arrange for the uniform or dress code yourself. More often than not, the uniform will be provided to you.


Q: What if the duration of the event/activation exceeds the time initially briefed?
A: Since all crew members are employed on shift basis, any delay or excess in duration will be compensated for on an hourly basis.


Q: Is there any provision for conveyance or transport to the locations?
A: We prefer to allocate locations as close as possible to you in order reduce any inconvenience in traveling and Conveyance will be provided for events taking place in NCR regions and for those beginning before 7am or closing after 9pm.


Q: Will there be any provision for F&B during working hours?
A: Provision of F&B to crew members will be informed during briefing sessions and hence every crew member will be notified in advance if they need to make their own arrangements accordingly.


Q: How do I collect my payment after an event?
A: You may collect your pay cheque after 21 days of completion of your duty. Kindly provide us with this time period to process your payment.

Crew Testimonials

"The girls from Crew4Events were quite supportive and helpful from the beginning to the very end of the event. They were helped make the entire event extremely smooth sailing. We'd love to work with them again for our upcoming events."


"The team from Crew4Events was extremely helpful and came entirely prepared for duty. They knew the details of each product and were well versed with their roles and duty.It was a pleasure working with them. We wish them luck for their future endeavors."


"The boys from Crew4Events were very hard working and helped us setup our event venue on time. They were very well mannered were ready to help till the time we wrapped up the event in the end. We look forward to working with them again!!"


"We trust Crew4Events to provide the best talent from their database for our events. Their team is well skilled and informed about the demands of their role in each event. We have never been disappointed by their work and would love to work with them again."


"Our event was taken care of very well by the Crew4Events team who ensured that all our requirements were met and there was no stone left unturned to make our event a success."

"The hostesses from Crew4Events were very supportive during the entire activation. They were all in the specified dress code and added furthermore grace to the event. We trust Crew4Events to provide us with a hassle free event workforce as per our needs."


"Crew4Events followed a very systematic process of communication from the very beginning and ensured that our event needs were not just met but were implemented to complete perfection! The staff with their proactive nature tremendously helped us to realize our events and make it a grand success."

"Working with Crew4Events for our activations was a wonderful experience. All our crew needs and activation requirements were promptly attended to with no delay hampering the activations. We sincerely wish the Crew4Events all the very best for all upcoming events and activations."


JUL–OCT 2013

Brand Activations

We are looking for both male and female Product Demonstrators, Mystery Shoppers, and Ushers for Mall Promotions and Brand Activations for leading consumer brands across Shopping Malls in Delhi NCR region.

25-27 OCT 2013

Formula 1

Now hiring Grid Girls, VIP Hostesses, and Hospitality Staff for Airtel Formula 1, Greater Noida. We are looking for young women who love to face cameras, promote sponsors, and hold umbrellas for their race teams.

6 – 12 FEB 2014

Auto Expo

Soon starting selections and training for Promotional Models, Booth Staff, and Promotional Staff for 12th Auto Expo, New Delhi. If you have looks and attitude to match the vibe of India’s biggest Automotive Brands, you are our choice.

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